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What’s happening lately: Webcomics, Tumblr, Cartooning Festival

First, an easy one — I started a tumbler.

Last Friday the first few pages of a new, long Crime World comic book were posted on the Study Group Comics webcomics portal website. There will be updates every Friday until I start to fall behind, I guess. I got the first 11 pages done already, at least! (Digital versions of the three Crime World mini-comics are still for sale here)

I’m also going to be at this new Chicago cartooning festival, CAKE, on June 16-17, 2012. I don’t have an exhibitor’s table but I’ll probably be around. I think I’ll work up a short mini-comic run of that Crime World chapter that’s running on the SG site, possibly for sale at either the Sparkplug table or Press Gang‘s — or just from my bag if worse comes to worst.

I’m also going to try a new thing to sell at this show — PRINTS. For $10 I’ll print out a Laugh Menu strip or single panel of your choice (8.5×8.5 in), add a handlettered inscription of your choice (make it brief, please, like “Hey, Steve!”) and you can pick your print up from me at the show. Order in advance from here, make sure to leave your inscription info and the imagery you wish. Leave a page number or URL or I won’t be able to find it. The more recent Laugh Menu strips have a two-color version and that’s what the print will be if you choose one of those. Panels from Study Group Magazine #1 are fair game as well. The deadline for ordering is JUNE 11.

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