My Friend Dylan Williams

It was at the APE show last year that I started to learn that there’s a ton of creeps out there in the comics business and that Dylan was the one I would always stick with. He was completely behind all the artists he published and he was the most incredible friend.

I still have all of our emails and about 20 feet of Facebook chats saved on my computer. It’s all dirty jokes and talks about old good movies and comics that we both agreed were terrible. I’m going to try to read through as much as I can before the harddrive crashes and it’s all gone forever.

I looked at the email he sent me where he suggested he publish my comics. He made it sound like I’d be doing him some kind of favor if I’d let him print my comics. Unbelievable.

I was scared to call him when he was in the hospital because I didn’t want to end up just talking about how sick he was. I also didn’t want to bother him or be in the way, or a dozen other excuses. I finally tried to call him a week ago and didn’t get through. I just got to hear that same old voicemail greeting “this is Dylan’s cellphone!” probably for the last time. The message I left was dumb too, like “I’ll just shoot you an email or whatever!” instead of telling him that I loved him and missed him, that everybody did. I’ll try not to be such an idiot from now on.

This is what we usually talked about:

1. ELO
2. David Lean and other UK cinema
3. Have Gun, Will Travel
4. Cheyenne
5. Leave it to Beaver
6. Jack Webb
7. Being old
8. Comic Book Lettering
9. Will there be more Jeff LeVine comics?
10. Girls
11 through 1,000,000. Other stuff

This isn’t really enough to say about him, but I don’t know where to start. Dylan was the only audience I ever wanted to please with my comics. I hope I never forget him.

Here’s a hundred photos of him.

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  1. MariNaomi says:

    Dylan was the best. I was telling a friend about him last night and I got all verklempt. Sigh.

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